Fall is here!


Couldn’t be happier for fall to finally be here, even if I do live in Miami. We Floridians know that when it comes to seasons it’s Blazing hot, moderately hot, and less hot. At night when you ladies plan on going out throw a leather jacket on, we can still do some leather here in Florida. Let’s face it most of the time we’re inside and it’s cold so be cute and hip not lame with a regular cardigan that everyone and their fucking mothers are wearing. 

Colors that are way Hawte right now are Wine Red, and Emerald. Love it! Especially Wine Colored shoes, way hawte and I love it. Everyone is doing it, so get with it Biatch! 



Printfection Baby!

Let’s talk about Prints Baby! If you’ve been shopping around this 2013 I’m sure you’ve noticed an explosion of prints in every store. Freaking-fabulous! I’ve seen some really fab prints and some pretty disastrous prints, so please be careful. Also, if you’re buying print from Forever21 please jump off of a building. When you search for the perfect print you need to look for good quality.

H&M(Not forever21 but nice to your pocket): Love these two prints way hawte. Ladies seem to think that wearing ankle pants instantly makes you short, when in reality they can only help you look longer. Obviously if you want to achieve this look you need heels. You can totally pull off the ankle length pants with flats, but I’m simply addressing those with the problem.

White House Black Market: ooooo gotta love me some WHBM Perfect Form Pants totally slimming. This print is really flattering on all body shapes. This is a MUST HAVE!

Classic Lilly Pulitzer: Of course you can’t talk about prints without mentioning some Lilly this dress is TO DIE! Love it.

My Must Haves for the Spring

Loving most of the pieces at White House Black Market right now, especially these pieces. I love the Geo-Print so trendy really easy to dress up and down. I love the shorts for a more casual look, but you can also find this print in their perfect form pants as well as a Perfect Form Shift Dress. Make an appointment with your local WHBM today and try these on!

Oscars’ Fashion Review

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Although my days have been hectic I was able to make time to catch the Oscars this past Sunday. I absolutely adore Jennifer Lawrence and feel that she was number uno with her beautiful gown. Snaps to you girl! Hope you guys were able to catch a glimpse of the best dresses and the worst. Here is a collection of pictures I was able to put together of my favorite outfits.

White House Black Market


I am happy to announce that I am officially a Fashion Specialist at White House Black Market!

Right now our PREVIEW Spring collection is out, and I am in love!

I am still loving the pop blue color that is being featured in our stores. Being in Gainesville Royal Blue will always be a hit here.

It’s very important when dressing professionally to not get wrapped up in all the blacks and white, it just makes you looked washed out. Add some print and color to your outfit along with some statement jewelry.

New Year’s Eve What to Wear?


Looking for a a hawte outfit to bring in the new year? Stick with white, the color will bring you good luck and peace. Most of the pictures are dresses from Forever21 and Dillards. I love sticking to an A-line dress to make my torso appear smaller, especially after all the food I have eaten the past couple months a little help is nice. Ladies that are very curvy, celebrate your curves and do try the bandeau dress. The more expensive the bandeau dress the thicker and better the material is and thats good for us curvy women, the fabric will hug just wear we want it to.

Maybe you want to look for a nice top to wear instead of going with a dress this night. I have the perfect solution for any event you plan to attend this night. If you plan on going to a friends house or family’s house try a long sleeve sweater or chiffon top with jeans or a great colored pastel bottoms. If you plan on going to a huge event very glitz wear a very form fitting top with some sequence.

Happy New Year Readers! Yay we survived the “End of the World”!

Christmas Sweater

christmas sweater

Loving this beautiful weather in Northern Florida perfect for wearing a big christmas sweater.

I love the ones that Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch have, but I don’t love the price tag attached to them. Totally sucks, I know. Anyways I’ve been doing some snooping around town and online and came across a big selection at T.J.Maxx and Marshals. So make sure and take a look at your closest discount stores!

Holiday parties are the greatest and should be full of fun holiday sweaters, make sure you have the best one!

Do tell and share where you snag your christmas sweaters from!



I really love this color, lately I’ve seen many stores with items in this particular color. I know amaze, right? This is a must have at the moment. I am thinking of going to Forever 21 to get my hands on a nice sheer mint blouse.

Who knew these beautiful fun colors would still be worn now during winter?