Velvet, Yes or No?


A lot of designers have been making new winter pieces in velvet, very warm and gives great texture. Celebs have been spotted with this new hollywood trend.

Do we love it or hate it?

Tan Dress

Tan Dress

Which style would you most likely wear? I think I’d be seen in the 4th dress worn by Lauren Conrad. Love to get feedback from you ladies! Gents, what style would you like to see more women in?

Chanel Boots


Loving these so hawte, I know! High western looking boots are all in right now. Kardashian’s, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osborne, and many others have been spotted with this hawte trend!

This is a must this winter, not only in brown but in black as well!

Thanksgiving Outfits


Ladies, the colors to wear tomorrow are as follows.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Brown

For your jewelry put on your gold for the evening. Wear a nice pair of earrings that really frame your face. Also, I love a nice statement necklace that’s clunky.

Shoes: Only you know what is appropriate for your dinner with family/friends. For a more casual look wear flats. If you know dinner is going to be a little more dressy make sure you go with heels or wedges. Wedges, don’t scream “Fall”, but they are appropriate if you’re going to be moving a lot or having dinner outside.



Backpacks can add flare to your outfit on campus or destroy it entirely like an atomic bomb. Stop walking around campus with your backpack from freshman year in high school and buy a new one!! Love the ones Victoria Secret has come out with so colorful, and yea girly!

Maybe you’d make more friends if you tossed that hideous backpack away already and bought a hawte new one, you’re welcome. *Sadie Saxton moment*

XOXO, Ally Mel

Kate Middleton


Who doesn’t like Kate Middleton? I think I love everything that this woman wears. (1)Salmon colored jeans, so hawte. I know it’s fall and typically I’d think this outfit would be worn best in the summer or spring, but the way she puts it together obviously is for a cold day. (2)I love a simple black flat, I probably should have put this in one of the 10 things a girl should have. (3)Blazers are so great, really for anyone. Blazers really frame the body the right way. A good slim fit blazer goes into the smallest part of your body and then flares out where it should. (4)Love, love, love, this scarf! The right scarf really completes your outfit.

Typically I hate Forever21 because everything is made with terrible quality, but I must say they have such a great selection right now for blazers. So many different styles. If you’re looking for a new blazer to wear for a little try Forever21 to save yourself some cash.


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10 Things All Girls Need

Be in love with who you are and the clothes you wear. A good outfit will give you the power and confidence to conquer the world.

1. A sexy little Black Dress

2. A Pair of Hot Red/Pink Pumps

3.Lace Dress (So Feminine and Chic)

4.Leather Jacket (for Some Edge)

5.Candy Red Lipstick

6.Lilly Pulitzer Dress

7.Face-Framing Earrings

8.Juicy Couture Tracksuit

9. White Jeans

10. Louis Vuitton Purse

Comfy Sweaters

Sweaters are seriously the best! So many different types and styles. My FAVS are all the different kinds of textures you can get from a sweater. Keep the color plain and simple. Match the sweater with a great pair of dark jeans or leggings. This really is an easy way during these cold months to stay comfy, cute, and warm; while making your way through campus.

Please remember ladies, don’t wear those old school uggs. Get a new style, be bold! You can really make a good statement with a great pair of boots. So don’t pick out that old boring pair this season.