Printfection Baby!

Let’s talk about Prints Baby! If you’ve been shopping around this 2013 I’m sure you’ve noticed an explosion of prints in every store. Freaking-fabulous! I’ve seen some really fab prints and some pretty disastrous prints, so please be careful. Also, if you’re buying print from Forever21 please jump off of a building. When you search for the perfect print you need to look for good quality.

H&M(Not forever21 but nice to your pocket): Love these two prints way hawte. Ladies seem to think that wearing ankle pants instantly makes you short, when in reality they can only help you look longer. Obviously if you want to achieve this look you need heels. You can totally pull off the ankle length pants with flats, but I’m simply addressing those with the problem.

White House Black Market: ooooo gotta love me some WHBM Perfect Form Pants totally slimming. This print is really flattering on all body shapes. This is a MUST HAVE!

Classic Lilly Pulitzer: Of course you can’t talk about prints without mentioning some Lilly this dress is TO DIE! Love it.